Longchamp for Life

Longchamp for LifeI’ll be the first to admit- I’ve fallen hard for the Le Pliage. In high school, a few of my friends toted smaller versions of the nylon bag, but I didn’t buy my own until my sophomore year of college. Being the occasional diva that I am, I custom ordered my bag from the Longchamp factory (and just casually online-designed myself a new one… just for fun!). When It arrived addressed to “Mademoiselle Sophie Orlich” I literally screamed. Since then it has become my daily purse, my overnight bag, my shopping tote. Sadly, over two years later, the once-pristine white stripe is a dingy gray at the bottom and even a decent scrubbing can’t fix and all four corners of the base have developed holes. I’ll carry it for the rest of the semester until I graduate and get a Big Girl bag.

If anyone’s considering buying a Longchamp for themselves or their sister/daughter/mother, I highly reccomend them. The bag is especially great for travel because it folds up neatly, can easily be washed and is waterproof. Most importantly though, Le Pliage (and many of Longchamp’s other styles) feature two closure systems, a zipper and a button snap hidden under the leather flap. I have never had anything pickpocketed (knock on wood) out of my Le Pliage in the eight countries I’ve been in since carrying it. You can design your own here, or shop around for standard Longchamp’s here. Apparently there’s a Longchamp outlet in Paris- I’m dying to go!


Le Pliage in Turkey Le Pliage in Istanbul, Turkey Le Pliage in Prague, Czech Republic Le Pliage in Munich, Germany Le Pliage in Milan, Italy Le Pliage in Greenwich Village Le Pliage with a scarf Le Pliage in Barcelona, Spain Le Pliage at Easter in Dallas, TexasLe Pliage in Piza, Italy


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