It’s Baylor (Bad Taylor)

Taylor Swift’s newest song/music video was released yesterday. In it, she plays Bat Shit Crazy Taylor and I am absolutely loving it. Her gowns are gorgeous, the mansion she inhabits is insane and her casting director deserves a bonus for finding that beautiful man to play T’s victim. The song is clever, catchy and I can already picture my friends belting it out in the house/car/bar. Terrible Tay is so much more relatable. I mean who hasn’t totally done a 180 on a guy? Been irrationally jealous? My favorite line from the song is “I’m a nightmare dressed as a daydream” like finally- someone explains women to men. And she does it in couture.

Let’s talk about her clothes a little bit more because they deserve it. She makes almost 20 costume changes and everything she wears is perfect. From the opening with the sheer black robe, gorgeous black lace eye mask and cat accessory, to the frothy flower covered gown she runs around the garden in. She has a riding outfit on a bright white horse and many a vintage-chic playsuit outfits. The ensamble she wears at the picnic just screams classy, rich, socialite. I would give my left arm for the twosie she wears to throw her man’s phone in the fountain, or the nude twosie she wears to destroy the car. But it’s all fabulous and I hope we see more of this Taylor with her new album.

All photos are screenshots from Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” music video, I do not own the rights to the video or photos (Please don’t sue me Taylor).


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