All About the Anorak

The awkward 50 to 60 degree range is here and it’s the perfect time for army jackets! Also know as anoraks, these green cotton beauties are a staple piece for anyone who has stepped foot in an Urban Outfitters. Today I used it not only for warmth, but to conceal the giant gaps in the sides of my shirt cause although it looks like a normal t-shirt, it’s really two flaps connected by sleeves. With a jacket to cover that up, I could wear it to work worry-free. I added my great grandmothers accordion album necklace (yes there are pictures in it) because the unpolished silver was the perfect look to add to the dark metal buttons and snappy grunge vibe I have going on here. Casually cuffing the sleeves is key- don’t over think it.




Jacket: Cotton On // Shirt: Nordstrom’s // Jeggings: Victoria’s Secret // Boots: J. Crew // Glasses: Ralph Lauren // Necklace: Heirloom


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