A photo shoot with ‘Brides of Oklahoma’

Lauren fell in love with her first look- a grey v-neck maxi dress that made the bright bouquets really pop.

Shooting a place setting and centerpiece.

A floral-focused shot. The remains of bouquet it was plucked from is on the right.

A floral-focused shot. The remains of bouquet it was plucked from is on the right.

The stairs at the venue were quite unique.

This was my favorite centerpiece, the colors are stunning.

A few solo, selfie shots because we can’t all be glamorous model-interns!

Lauren’s second look was a beautiful blush gown.

Just to prove I was there- me, my favorite flowers and a wall of wooden boards.

I was obsessed with this wall of wooden boards… no idea why.

This week part of my Brides of Oklahoma intern duties led me to our bouquet photo shoot in downtown Oklahoma City. I’ve dreamed about attending photo shoots since I was a little girl and it was everything I dreamed it would be. The photographer! The backdrops! The florals! The location was a chic venue tucked behind a store in a rather questionable part of the city. A florist dropped off tables full of stunning centerpieces and bridal bouquets, all bursting with this year’s trendiest flowers and hues. The intern who works with me every week is in my pledge class, which was lucky because we’re already friends. She’s a gorgeous girl from Edmond with a rockin’ bod and great hair- I wasn’t surprised at all when she got asked to model in the shoot. It was fun to go and support her and see how photo shoots work. It was my first shoot, and I don’t expect it to be my last.


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