Longchamp for Life

Longchamp for LifeI’ll be the first to admit- I’ve fallen hard for the Le Pliage. In high school, a few of my friends toted smaller versions of the nylon bag, but I didn’t buy my own until my sophomore year of college. Being the occasional diva that I am, I custom ordered my bag from the Longchamp factory (and just casually online-designed myself a new one… just for fun!). When It arrived addressed to “Mademoiselle Sophie Orlich” I literally screamed. Since then it has become my daily purse, my overnight bag, my shopping tote. Sadly, over two years later, the once-pristine white stripe is a dingy gray at the bottom and even a decent scrubbing can’t fix and all four corners of the base have developed holes. I’ll carry it for the rest of the semester until I graduate and get a Big Girl bag.

If anyone’s considering buying a Longchamp for themselves or their sister/daughter/mother, I highly reccomend them. The bag is especially great for travel because it folds up neatly, can easily be washed and is waterproof. Most importantly though, Le Pliage (and many of Longchamp’s other styles) feature two closure systems, a zipper and a button snap hidden under the leather flap. I have never had anything pickpocketed (knock on wood) out of my Le Pliage in the eight countries I’ve been in since carrying it. You can design your own here, or shop around for standard Longchamp’s here. Apparently there’s a Longchamp outlet in Paris- I’m dying to go!


Le Pliage in Turkey Le Pliage in Istanbul, Turkey Le Pliage in Prague, Czech Republic Le Pliage in Munich, Germany Le Pliage in Milan, Italy Le Pliage in Greenwich Village Le Pliage with a scarf Le Pliage in Barcelona, Spain Le Pliage at Easter in Dallas, TexasLe Pliage in Piza, Italy


Running Around (but not actually working out)

Friday’s tend to be my errand days… clean-up for the to-do list items that kept getting pushed off! Its hot and humid here most days so I threw on my favorite Lulu tennis dress and running shoes. On the street level I was getting a bit chilly in the shadows of the big buildings (and judgemental looks all around from the Porteños) so I popped back by the apartment for another layer and grabbed my pink running shirt. It’s not thermal so it was perfect when it got a bit hotter. Comfy and conservative- the perfect errand running outfit!
Lugares y LuluDress: Lulu Lemon // Top: Lulu Lemon // Sports Bra: Nike // Shoes: Asics

Just Beachy

This weekend I visited infamous hand sculpture in Punta del Este, Uruguay (for more info on the trip you can check out this travel blog I’m keeping). I bought a J. Crew rash guard last year and have been dying to wear it ever since. It was surprisingly chilly in the mornings and rather windy so it really came in handy! It also has SPF in it and basically the rest of my body got burned- except what was covered by the guard! I paired it with this great magenta vintage skirt that I love because it dries quickly, goes with everything and has pockets. The Hand, Punta del Este, UruguayRash guard: J. Crew // Skirt: Vintage // Sandals: Sam Edelman // Sunglasses: XXI // Watch: FitBit


James Dean day dream + red lip classic thing

A leather motorcycle jacket is something I’ve been coveting for years. Unfortunately I’m rather picky and have expensive taste so until recently, I’ve been leather-jacket-less. A few weeks ago, while shopping in NYC, I stumbled upon this faux leather jacket in the Buffalo Exchange in the East Village and knew it was perfect (for now). It’s the right shape, classic style and the sleeves are even long enough! The removable hood adds an edgy vibe and helps it look like I’ve layered it- perfect for a grunge look. Yes, I loathe that its faux leather but it only cost $15 and is really just serving as a placeholder until I have enough money for the real deal. I styled it with the only solid pair of converse I have and added the red lip half way through the day. By mid-afternoon I almost had a meltdown in the car because I realized I should have worn a white shirt instead a grey one, and ditched the grey arrow earrings. Instead I ended up with preppy grunge meets edgy grunge… hopefully I’ll have a more clear direction next time!


Jacket: XXI // Shirt: Nordstroms // Jeans: Victoria’s Secret // Shoes: Converse // Lipstick: NARS // Necklace: H&M // Earrings: Kendra Scott

I Heart NY

While cleaning out my costume box(es) I found this gem- my very first I Heart NY t-shirt. Nothing beats the iconic print and it was the perfect day to grunge it up with high waisted charcoal denim jeans. A more casual day would have seen Converse paired with this outfit but to keep it work-professional(ish) I paired it with my cobalt flats. They added a nice punch of color to compliment the red heart and polished the rough denim. The essential ankle-cuff was my finishing touch! I Heart NYI Heart NYT-Shirt: Authentic NYC souvenir // Jeans: Gap // Shoes: J. Crew // Earrings: Kate Spade // Lipstick: NARS

Haute High Line

The lower west side of Manhattan has been experiencing a facelift for the past few years. What brought the area to my attention was the instillation of the High Line, a restored railroad bridge that has been converted into a park. I got to walk along it this week during the day and at night- both views are spectacular. Its a unique view of the city that shouldn’t be missed by anyone. If anyone’s been in the city recently you know it to be frigid- I may look warm but safe to say I was frigid. Near the beginning of the Line you can find a cool bar named Brass Monkey and just a few blocks in (10th and 17th) you’ll find Artichoke Basille’s Pizza. If you’re in Chelsea you must stop in for a piece of the artichoke pizza because it’s the best pizza I’ve ever had.

Haute High Line Haute High LineHaute High Line Haute High Line

Coat: J. Crew // Scarf: ASOS // Leggings: ASOS // Boots: J. Crew // Bag: Longchamp

Sleepy Saturday

I’ve never been one for New Year’s resolutions, and this year is no exception. But I would like to get away from the ‘boring blog photos’. You know the ones. They’re carefully styled, delicately crafted, hold-your-breath-and-upload-before-reality-arrives photos. I didn’t create this blog to give the world the impression that I’m a budding fashion blogger who lives a mysteriously fabulous life of fanciful days and casually chic outfits. I write about fashion because I love it, and I know other people do to. I also love trying new trends, but not before doing some research on the internet to see how other people tried it first, so I hope sometimes this blog helps in that regard. The reality is I’m about to land in the real world and want to work in fashion/magazines/PR/travel and every single job or internship I’ve applied for in those fields the past three years has asked me if I have a personal blog. This is my third go at blogging (if you’re dying to know- first and second), and I’m about to add a fourth as the ball starts rolling for my study abroad program later this month. This was my outfit today (ratty socks and Nike shorts not pictured) and yes, I’m still in bed. 2015/01/img_1773.jpgHenley: Bella Canvas // Bedspread: Anthropologie

Red, White and Burgundy

This felt hat is so fun, but it doesn’t get enough wear! I bought it at a boutique in Norman a few weeks ago. I paired it with a black top, white quilted skirt, navy semi-opaque tights and black riding boots. I love my navy Kendra’s (a gift from my friends for my birthday a few years ago!) so I chose navy tights instead of black. Plus I wanted the black boots to stand out a bit, so the navy was perfect. When mixing multiple colors in one outfit I often match in pairs: Red hat + red lips, navy earrings + navy tights, black top + black boots, gold earrings + gold necklace.


Red, White and Burgundy

Red, White and Burgundy

Red, White and Burgundy Top: Ann Taylor // Skirt: Vintage // Hat: Boutique // Tights: Belk // Boots: J. Crew // Earrings: Kendra Scott // Necklace: Vintage // Glasses: Ralph Lauren // Lipstick: NARS


Cozy Christmas Flannel

Today’s outfit was the product of a morning thunderstorm, the holiday season and every single pair of pants, jeans and leggings residing in my overflowing laundry basket. The layers ended up benefitting me while I ran errands around town and stopped in to work for a few hours, I was never too hot or too cold! I made this white denim circle skirt for recruitment this summer because I love a simple shape but finding skirts long enough is sometimes difficult. It’s turned out to be a useful piece in my wardrobe and wearable in all seasons. American Apparel makes a similar one, but it’s too short for me. Christmas Confession: Sometimes I feel unworthy of keeping a fashion blog because of the minimal effort I put into my personal appearance… all I did today was put on lipstain and run a brush through my hair. I like to sleep in- sue me. Anyone else use glasses as an excuse to not wear makeup? I can’t be the only one!
Cozy Christmas Flannel Cozy Christmas Flannel Cozy Christmas Flannel Cozy Christmas Flannel Cozy Christmas FlannelFlannel: Eddie Bauer // Vest: // Skirt: Handmade // Tights: Gap // Boots: L.L. Bean // Necklace: J. Crew // Earrings: Kate Spade // Ring: David Yurman // Glasses: Ralph Lauren // Lipstain: Clinique Chubby Stick

How-To Make a Giant Pom Pom

I put my pom on top of our Christmas tree, but it could go anywhere in need of a fun decoration!

I put my pom on top of our Christmas tree, but it could go anywhere in need of a fun decoration!

I’ve always been a fan of pom poms of all shapes and sizes, from pillow trim to the sidelines at a Friday night football game. A few months ago I tested my pom pom DIY skills with Anthropologie-inspired push pins (my tutorial here) but today I decided to go big or go home. I popped in our local Michael’s and snagged this awesome yarn from the Isaac Mizrahi craft collection. I found this tutorial online and adjusted it for a {much} larger sized pom. I perched it atop my family’s tree and the project was complete! The entire thing took less than an hour, including the trip to the store, so it was quick and simple- my favorite kind of crafting venture! Here’s what you need:

Tape, scissors, marker, 2 balls of thick yarn, and 4 cardboard frames (based on this template from Homemade Gifts)